Registration Guide


Items Registration Fee (USD)
Authors (ICNB Reviewer) 500
Authors (HKCBEES Member) 520
Authors (Student) 500
Authors (Regular) 550
Extra Paper 380
Presentation Only 420
Listener 300
One day visit 80
Extra Page 30/ Per page
Extra Proceeding 50


If you receive the Notification of Acceptance Letter on the notification date, it means your paper is accepted for publication and/or presentation on the conference, please register your paper according to the steps stated on that acceptance letter. Please feel free to contact us by email ( or phone if you encounter any problem.


You may have the following doubts during the registration process!

A. Regular paper should be 8 pages, the additional page needs to be charged.
B. Participants are responsible for their own hotel reservation.
C. Each paid registration covers only one paper; you can pay Extra Paper Charges (380 US Dollars) for one more paper from the same first author who already has a paid registration.

D. If you would like to register the conference and publish your paper as the reviewer, please contact us by email (Only Ph.D holder can apply)

E. Registration fee includes: Conference materials, sovenirs, lunch, dinner and coffee break (on December 11).

F. Euros is accepted for authors who has difficulty in paying US Dollars.

G. Listeners cannot do the presentation. (Registration form for Listener)

H. The registration documents (filled registration form, filled copyright, final paper both in doc.&pdf., payment proof) needs to be sent to the conference email address after your registration.

I. Please feel free to ask for the invoice through email if you need it to apply for financial support from your affiliation/University.

J. The original receipt will be given on the conference site, but the scanned receipt can be sent by email ahead if you ask.