Initial Paper Submission

Prospective authors are invited to electronically submit full regular papers of their work. English is the working language of the Conference. Papers should be at least five pages but be limited to EIGHT (8) pages. If your paper exceed eight pages, the additional page fee needs to be paid.

Authors must adhere to the Conference written paper format. The author must submit the draft version of paper for review before the due submission deadline. We strongly recommend to use the set of templates in MS Word format (Template) provided by publisher. Please use them to create your paper, but don’t modify the style nor the format under any circumstances.

Plagiarism is strictly forbidden in any academic conference, the articles submitted should be original and unpublished. Any Violations will be dealt with seriously in accordance with the policy.

Submission Method

Please log in the Electronic Submission System to submit your Full Paper / Abstract or directly submit them to the conference email box


Submission Categories

A. Publication & Presentation

Full paper is required.

Please format the paper strictly according to the Paper template (Proceeding)/ Paper template (IJBBB journal) before submission.

B. Presentation Only

Abstract only is accepted.

Please format the Abstract according to the Abstract template before submission.


Other Information

Submission Deadline: July 30, 2018

Length: The paper should be at least five pages but limited to eight pages. Any additional paper needs to be charged at 30 USD/ Per page.

Language: English is the only working language. There should be no other language including in the figures and tables.

Any other question, please feel free to contact